Saturday, February 9, 2013

cake morning

I've gathered the necessaries around me, soon the cake will be done. 
For now the house and the world outside are quiet. 
Chocolate and sugar, eggs and flour; confectionary creation I delight in your chemistry. 

It isn't the art of cakes that I enjoy, truthfully. It's the science behind it, the structure beneath the pretty finish. The composition of flavors, the creation of a cloud of marshmallowy chocolate from such humble things as eggs and sugar cane and cacao.

I'm laughing at myself, because I'm still such a science nerd. But a science nerd that makes a really good cake! ;)

What did your morning look like?


  1. That is just DeLightFul! I can almost smell the yummy goodness. Your dad and I went out to get stuff to start plants indoors. Found two "palmy" plants on sale at Lowe's and went to an estate sale. Nothing exceptional, but some cool red tins for my kitchen decor and your dad a"new" pipe. Saturdays!!

    1. oh I can't wait to see pictures of the tins and plants! Sounds pretty!