Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I got nothin'

Today is the day of the lost photos.

Somehow the photos I imported yesterday from my little point-and-shoot are not to be found on my computer, and I deleted them from the camera after importing them...which means I have a couple days worth of pictures and corresponding blog post ideas that are completely gone. Somewhere in the land of the lost, in the world of ones and zeros, my continuing attempts at photographic art are wandering.

Totally sucks.

So for now, until I figure out what to write about next, here are a few grainy snaps from yesterday, of Zao's Sister being worn in the Ellevill wrap. It is an Ellevill Zara Fresh size 6, for those of you that may wonder. In layman's terms: a reeeeaaalllly long green woven wrap from Norway.

double hammock carry 

oooh that face! 
front wrap cross carry

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