Saturday, January 19, 2013


Zao's Sister has monkey-toes. 

She gets that from me, this ability to spread them out wide like fingers. Very useful for gripping, and picking things up. :) Maybe it's a genetic throw-back to a time before shoes. Lord knows I hate wearing shoes!

I love how she's looking at me in this picture, as if she's thinking, "This creative stuff has you acting really odd, Mama...what is up with your fascination with my feet?"

She is fifteen weeks old now, and if I were to guess, weighs around twelve pounds. She has the same stunning blue eyes as her brother; indeed they really are two peas in a pod when it comes to looks. Imagine that. *wink* 

Zao's sister is eager to be my best friend. She prefers to be at my side at all times, or better yet, in my arms, facing outward to see what I see so we can talk about it later. Laying on a blanket on the floor, from which she can see and talk to me, is infinitely preferred to a man-made baby-entertainment or carrying device, or even Daddy's arms (sometimes). She will talk to me forever, going on and on and on about the things that make up her little world. I wish I could understand her! I am sure there would be great insight. 

She is my sunshiny girl. 

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  1. She's got a destiny all right. And yes, greatness is there. Such a communicator, a connector. And those FEET! The girl is gonna go places and most likely, you'll be towing along!