Friday, January 25, 2013


I thrive on routine and quiet time alone. I've been enjoying getting up before everyone else, making a cuppa tea or joe, and sweeping the cobwebs out of the ole grey matter by blogging. 

Sadly in the past few days, the kids have gotten wise to this scenario. I'm sure it's because they are concerned that I might get lonely during that time (they certainly would!), thus they've coordinated together to alter their sleep schedules that they might now keep me company. So very kind. 

Alone time is hardwired into my personality: I am an extreme introvert, believe it or not. I've learned to function and be smiley and pretty at social functions, but I prefer being a wallflower, or better yet, entertaining a close friend at home. I didn't realize the depth of my introversion, or how "OK" it was for me to be such, until I took the Jung Typology Test. It turns out I have one of the rarest and most oft misunderstood personality types. Yay me! It certainly explains a lot of my quirks, to me and to my husband! Zao's Daddy humored me and took the test, too, despite being skeptical about the whole thing (which came as no surprise in hindsight, as skepticism is a big part of his personality). It gave me great insight and has helped me to understand him much better. I'm sure it will help him, too, once he reads my results. We are an INFJ and an ESFP, respectively. 

What about you, reader? Have you ever taken a personality test? Did you agree or disagree with the results?


  1. I did this from a link on facebook. Yours? Probably. I can't find the results so I'll do it again and let you know! I don't remember the results or even if I agreed!

  2. Dear Friend, I hadn't SEEN this post. OH MY. How much we have in common. I am an ENFJ (though a subtle E at that). Fai is an ITSP-- yes, we are exact opposites, and yet somehow (thank you Lord), it works.

    I should clarify that we did the tests found here:

    Which are Meyers Briggs vs. Jungian... not exactly the same... but I don't know much about the differences.

  3. I just took this one and it said I was an INFJ-- though I'm quite literally 50/50 on most tests that break it out that way. :)