Wednesday, January 23, 2013

what's on my plate

Last night's dinner was shrimp & spaghetti squash, with a side of roasted veggies. It was pretty fantastic, despite not looking quite as I'd visualized it. I over-sautéed the squash. (That's the pile of gray-green hiding in shame beneath the shrimp.) 

 As meals go, this turned out to be one of my more involved undertakings. I did discover a few more short-cuts for next time.

The broccoli and brussel's sprouts are trimmed and ready for roasting, slathered in olive oil, salt, and garlic.  I baked these for about an hour at 400 degrees, stirring them around once so they wouldn't burn on one side and be soggy on the other. The only thing that makes this better is garnishing it with some diced, cooked bacon. Mmmmm. So good.

The prep for spaghetti squash sautee: 

cooked and separated spaghetti squash
diced green bell pepper
diced celery
granulated garlic
olive oil 
salt & pepper to taste

Most of this was already prepared and in the fridge from Saturday (or, "food prep day" as it shall heretofore be known), except for the celery as that was an after thought. Huge time saver, prep day! 

I sautéed the pepper and celery first until caramelized, then added the squash and seasoned to taste. In the future I won't do this so early in the game; the compilation sat on low heat far too long and the squash lost her pretty color. 

A little over a pound of wild caught shrimpies! Huge buggers. Marinaded these ladies while the veggies were in the oven roasting: a little grapefruit juice, olive oil, garlic, salt, and some Tony Chachere's Creole Seasoning. Tony's is a standard in our house. It goes on everything.

Once skewered, they were grilled, and we built our plates. (see above) 

It was good eats. The shrimp was hearty and rich, and neither me or Zao's Daddy ate as much of it as we projected we would. Which is a-ok, because that means there leftovers for lunch!

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